18 Wheeler Challenge Game

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18 Wheeler Challenge
    Use the arrow keys to move the truck and for steering and reverse. Space Bar is for breaking.

Welcome to the 18-wheeler test course in Texas where you’ll need to tie up your stallion and demonstrate your aptitudes instructing a bigger, quicker, less neighborly mode of transportation — the enormous apparatus. The thought is straightforward, yet the accomplishment not really. You must explore some way or another around the track to the parking spot demonstrated by the rectangle, yet you will be timed, and on the off chance that you use up time or crash even once, you lose the level. Every level will test an alternate expertise, for example, making a tight turn or stopping in an inlet. When you finish an undertaking, you are given focuses which are added to your aggregate score. In the event that you lose a level for any reason, you will lose focuses off your score. Win to demonstrate you’re a genuine Tex

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