2Long 2Park Game

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2Long 2Park
    Use the arrow keys to drive the truck. Follow the on screen instructions to load the trailer.

Enthusiasts of huge apparatuses and testing amusements, 2 long 2 park is 2 great things in 1 amusement. In every level, take after bolts headed straight toward your destination where you stop your truck in the showed spot, work a forklift to load boxes onto the truck, and park the forklift. At that point you need to transport the cases to another area, which means stopping your truck once more. Make a point to pay consideration on the parking space in light of the fact that the marks “front” and “back” will let you know which course your truck ought to be confronting. Do whatever it takes not to crash too often, or you’ll use up life focuses and lose the level. Will you endure each of the 10 levels, or would it say it i

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