Airport Bus Parking 2 Game

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Airport Bus Parking 2
    Use the arrow keys to steer and the space bar to brake. Pick up passengers from bus stops and deliver them to the airplane. Watch out for obstacles and don't run out of time.

In the air terminal parking garage, travelers are holding up for you to lift them up from transport stops and take them to the plane. In case you’re not an astounding driver, these travelers may be in more threat getting to the plane than when they’re on it. Drive the shuttle transport through the parking area to the transport stops. Stop in the demonstrated spaces, and the travelers will board the transport. At that point take every one of them to the plane and stop again so they can get off the transport. As you drive, stay far from deterrents and don’t run over the travelers at the transport stop. To beat every level, get all the travelers to the plane before time runs out.

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