Beach Parking Game

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Beach Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive into the parking spot. Press space once you are in the designated spot to break.

Snatch your sunscreen and slide on a few shades. In Shoreline Stopping you’ll spend the day driving a rise surrey at the shoreline. Explore your vehicle from its beginning position, around hindrances, and into a showed parking space before time runs out. When you pass a level, you open the following. Each of the ten levels is more troublesome than the last, with a more perplexing course and more snags. On the off chance that you collide with a shoreline seat or a watercraft, or go too far into the sea, you will need to begin from the earliest starting point of the course, with exhausted time. On the off chance that you use up time, crash too often or run into a shoreline darling, you lose the level. For the most focuses, endure as quick as you can without slamming.

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