Ben 10 Parking Game

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Ben 10 Parking
    Use the arrow keys for moving and rotating the car and spacebar for a sudden brake.

The security of the planet, possibly the system, is in your grasp. You are Ben 10 and you have taken your fight against insidiousness outsiders to space. Your grandpa didn’t go along to drive you around in his van, so one critical thing you have to learn is to drive and park your space auto. In every level of Ben 10 Stopping you need to stop your vehicle in the highlighted space. Move around hindrances, for example, security barrier. You begin with five wellbeing focuses and lose one every time you crash. On the off chance that you use up wellbeing focuses, you need to replay the level. Try your hardest in every level to gain a high score. The occupants of planet Earth are depending on you to win and keep Vilgax from assuming control.

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