Big Truck Parking Pro Game

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Big Truck Parking Pro
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Pick up and set down boxes with the CTRL key. Park in all the spaces and load and unload all the crates without crashing too much.

As an expert hauler, you have no time to lose. Get in your huge apparatus and go. In every level, begin by driving your semi-truck to the get area and stop in the demonstrated spot. Don’t simply sit there and sit tight for somebody to load your truck for you. Get into the forklift and burden the containers onto your truck. Make a point to stop the forklift in its assigned spot when you’re set. At that point get go into your truck and drive to the destination. Once there, stop your truck and empty it. In the wake of stopping the second forklift, drive away to proceed onward to the following level and get to deal with your next pulling occupation.

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