Bombay Taxi 2 Game

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Bombay Taxi 2
    Use the left and right arrows keys to steer and the up and down arrows keys to move. Spacebar to brake.

Your name is Pakya, and you’re a cabbie in the occupied city of Bombay. Lamentably, its not just the lanes that are crammed;the parking garages are stuffed, as well. Toward the start of the diversion, pick which style of taxicab you will drive for the day. In every level you have landed at an alternate parking garage, and you need to explore around deterrents and different autos and into the demonstrated parking spot. Autos are stopped inaccurately, street boundaries are excessively near one another and trains are hurrying by. You will need to crush through tight spaces and time your moves simply right. You must be quick, as well. You need to stop before time heads out to beat the level. Journey through the levels and perceive how high you can score.

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