Bombay Taxi Game

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Bombay Taxi
    Use the arrow keys to turn the wheel and hit the space bar to handbrake.

As a cabbie in Bombay, you have an unpleasant day of activity, gathered lanes and cramped parking areas. In Bombay Taxi, you can keep away from the activity on the streets, however despite everything you need to stop your taxi. Drive through the parking garage in every level, moving around autos and different obstructions and going to the demonstrated parking spot. You are driving an organization auto, not your own, so you can’t crash whatsoever. On the off chance that you have one mishap, you need to replay the level. The occupied residents of Bombay are in a rush to return home or to work, so you must have the capacity to stop quick. Journey through the diversion by exploring through the parking garage with no accidents and stopping before time runs out.

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