Broken Cars Parking Game

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Broken Cars Parking
    Use the arrow keys keys to steer. Find the parking space and park without crashing. Collect clocks to add time to the clock.

These autos are set into their last resting spot, and its your business to get them every stopped. As every auto is pulled up to the junkyard passage, you’re demonstrated its destination. Drive the auto around the parcel to discover the assigned parking spot. Despite the fact that these autos are as of now trashed, don’t exacerbate things any by colliding with obstructions, for example, barrels, structures and different autos. As you drive, the clock is ticking down. To build your accessible time, gather the clocks that are skimming around the parcel. When you get one auto stopped, an alternate pulls up. Stop the greatest number of autos as you can before you crash or use up time.

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