Bus Parking Game

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Bus Parking
    Use the arrow keys to play this game

How quick would you be able to get the travelers on this transport to their destination without smashing? In every level of Transport Stopping your objective is to get your transport stopped precisely in the showed parking spot. As you journey through the city, you can get focuses by rolling over the circles amidst the street. On the off chance that you concentrate excessively on getting a high score, you’re more inclined to get in a mishap, so watch out. Alternate drivers in this city are insane. They speed along the streets and won’t stop or ease off for anybody. On the off chance that you collide with a deterrent or run more than a person on foot, you lose an existence and need to begin the level once again. Lose three lives and the amusement is over. Open all the levels and perceive how high you can score.

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