Car Carrier Trailer 3 Game

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Car Carrier Trailer 3
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Press Z to withdraw money from the bank. Drive all the cars onto the car carrier and drive the truck out of town.

Here’s an alternate opportunity to drive one of those enormous 18-wheelers used to transport autos around the nation. Not just do you get to drive the truck and trailer itself, you additionally get to drive the autos up onto the truck. In every level, begin by stopping the truck in the demonstrated space. At that point take the first auto to the bank to withdraw the stores you’ll require. After you pull far from the bank, drive the auto up onto the trailer. Next, commute different autos from around town up onto the truck until it is full so you can drive it away. Get a high score by finishing your occupation quick and driving painstakingly.

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