Car Dump Parking Game

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Car Dump Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive the car. Park each car in its indicated space without crashing. See how many cars you can park before time runs out.

Take these autos for their last turn by driving them through the landfill parking garage and pulling into the demonstrated parking spot. As an auto pulls up to the landfill doorway, you’ll be indicated where to stop it. Take the wheel and drive the auto through the parcel to discover your destination. Despite the fact that these autos are prepared to rest in peace, make an effort not to compound an already painful situation by colliding with impediments. In the event that you crash, the diversion is over. As you play, the clock is ticking down, yet you win additional time every time you stop and by getting timekeepers that are skimming around the screen. Perceive what number of autos you can stop before time runs out.

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