Caravan Parking 2 Game

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Caravan Parking 2
    Use the arrow keys to control the car and caravan and spacebar for a valid parking.

After a long excursion pulling your belonging in the trailer connected to your auto, all you need to do is stop and rest. Tragically, you continue ending up compelled to stop in a little, cramped part, and stopping is twice as troublesome with the trailer expanding the span of your vehicle. In every level of Band Stopping 2 your objective is to stop your auto in the demonstrated parking spot. Exploring around the snags in the part is not simple with the trailer, and you need to get stopped before time runs out to proceed onward to the following level. No messy stopping is allowed. You must attain to a precision of no less than 90% or you need to replay the level. Ace every one of the eight levels to beat the amusement.

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