Caravan Parking Game

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Caravan Parking
    Use the arrow keys to steer your car as you make your way to the indicated parking space;then press the space bar. To win, park accurately before time runs out.

You’re in the parking area with your camper trailing from your guard, and you’ve got to make some tight turns. Pursue the bolts around the part to achieve the showed parking spot. Slamming won’t hurt your auto, yet its anything but difficult to get stuck on deterrents in your way, and the clock is ticking down. When you achieve the parking space, pull your auto and trailer in and stop as absolutely as possible. Press the space bar when you’re fulfilled by your stopping occupation. In the event that your stopping is no less than 90% exact, proceed onward to the following level. Something else, attempt the level again to enhance your stopping and win a high score.

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