Cargo Parking Jersey Shore Game

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Cargo Parking Jersey Shore
    Use the arrow keys to drive your boat. M brings up the GPS to help navigate.

The occupants of Jersey Shore require your assistance! In Load Stopping Jersey Shore you work for a delivery organization, conveying supplies to celebrations and organizations. In every level you drive a vessel to the dock, empty the load and drive a semi to the last destination. You have a GPS unit, and shafts point the way. There are likewise hindrances and a period limit. In the event that you are excessively abate or harm the payload by smashing too often, you are terminated. Effectively convey the freight to open a level and acquire one to three stars taking into account your pace and number of accidents. You can likewise procure accomplishments, for example, the Scaffold Supervisor accomplishment recompensed for making two conveyances utilizing the Bascule Span. Attempt to get the Jersey Shore accomplishment by winning three stars in each of the six levels.

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