Carplane Parking Game

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Carplane Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Park your carplane in the indicated space without crashing too much and before time runs out.

Zoom around a modern city in your carplane — a smooth games auto with plane wings. In every level of Carplane Stopping, voyage around a world that would make the Jetsons feel at home and discover the showed parking spot. Park your carplane splendidly to win a recompense and open the following level. Don’t get excessively diverted by the neon lights and brilliant, geometric structures. You lose wellbeing each time you crash, and on the off chance that you crash too often, you lose the level. Don’t go excessively abate either. The clock is ticking down, and you need to get stopped before you use up time. Demonstrate you can deal with the vehicle without bounds by beating each of the eight leve

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