Classic Car Parking Game

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Classic Car Parking
    Use the arrow keys to navigate the classical car to the truck.

A major excellent auto show is heading up, and you have been employed to help transport the vehicles to the occasion. Your occupation is to get the autos onto the truck that will convey them. In every level you will pick an exemplary auto. A picture and short depiction is given of each. Infrequently you have to pick an auto with particular qualities, in the same way as headlights or a little size. You have to explore around hindrances and drive the auto up onto the over of the truck. Accomplish it as quick as you can without smashing. Every time you crash you lose wellbeing, and when your wellbeing runs out you lose the level. When you beat a level you are given a score in light of how little harm you did to the auto and how quick you were.

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