Crane Parking Mania Game

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Crane Parking Mania
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Use Q and E to move the crane, T to pick up cars and Y to drop them. Collect the car and drop it in the designated space before time is up.

Autos that have quit running for good can’t simply be left along sides of streets. In Crane Stopping Lunacy, you’re in the junkyard parcel where dead autos are packed together to rust away. Your occupation is to weave through the chaos and get to the as of late deserted auto. Once you’re there, move your crane over the vehicle and lift it up. At that point take it once again to the junkyard and drop it in the assigned territory. As you drive, watch the clock and make an effort not to crash. On the off chance that you use up time or transform your own vehicle into a junker, you need to replay the level. Beat every one of the eight levels to win.

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