Crowded Camper Parking Game

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Crowded Camper Parking
    Use the arrow or WASD keys to drive your camper. Use the space bar as your break.

At this state park you will discover a percentage of the most out of control drivers flashing around and getting in your direction while you attempt to stop your auto. You begin every level in one parking space, yet you have to drive around and search for an alternate space which will be demonstrated by a rectangle and a bolt. While you’re driving a little, dim bolt will point you in the right heading. You are given only 20 seconds to start with, and less in larger amounts, so there’s not a great deal of time to be cautious, yet there is likewise a cutoff to the amount you can harm your auto before you lose the level. Get your auto stopped rapidly with least harm to be honored the greatest number of stars. Will you open every one of the 16 levels?

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