Docking Perfection 2 Game

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Docking Perfection 2
    Use the arrow keys to move the boat

Ahoy, ferryman! You are accountable for transporting travelers from dock to dock over the water. In every level you are obliged to transport a specific number of travelers. These individuals are in a rush to get to work or home, so you have a period confine in which to meet every objective. The vessel can just handle such a great amount of harm before it sinks, so don’t crash too often. Every time you crash your watercraft is moved to the inside of the screen. This can be something to be thankful for in the event that you’ve recently gotten a few travelers and need to cross the water rapidly, however it is baffling in the event that you were simply pulling into your destination. On the off chance that you quit controlling the watercraft, it will float, making this amusement more practical. Move on board and get to work.

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