Double Parking Game

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Double Parking
    Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive the car into the first parking spot to open the gate. Then drive into the next designated spot to complete the level.

Get in the auto and get prepared to hit the gas — however not very hard. On the off chance that you go excessively quick around the impediments in Twofold Stopping, you’ll wreck your auto, without a doubt. Every level has a two-section objective. You’re in a parking area, and you need to stop in two spaces to beat the level, however one of the spaces is shut off by an entryway. To unblock the second space you need to stop in the first. There are breaking points on time and the amount of harm you can result in to your auto, so attempt to adjust alert and rate. Beat the game;then check whether you can twofold your abilities and win again in a fraction of the ti

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