Easy Cruise One Game

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Easy Cruise One
    Use the arrow keys to steer. A and S keys help nudge the bow of the boat with the thrusters.

Verify these vacationers get a journey that is pleasant and simple by controlling the easyCruiseOne from port to port on their Caribbean voyage. Begin by pulling up by the dock in Barbados. Drive the boat into the highlighted zone so the vacationers can party on the shoreline for some time. You have a timetable to keep so the vacationers can go to all the areas they were guaranteed and still return home in time, so you need to dock the boat inside as far as possible. It is truly blustery, and your boat is being blown around. Be mindful so as not to crash. In the event that you crash five times or use up time you lose an existence and need to replay the level. Lose three lives and the diversion is over. Beat the amusement while you see the Caribbean islands.

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