Firetruck Emergency Parking Game

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Firetruck Emergency Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Follow the arrow to the fire and park so you can put it out. Don't run out of time and try not to crash.

Turn on your sirens and speed crosswise over town. You need to get the firetruck to the crisis area before the blaze spreads starting with one tree or building then onto the next. Begin every level in your truck and prepared to go. Simply take after the bolt on the screen to discover the blaze. As you drive, watch out for movement and different hindrances, yet don’t take as much time as required. You would prefer not to bring on any more crises, however you need to achieve the blaze quick to minimize harm. Once you’re there, draw into the demonstrated stopping region and your men will get to work showering out the flares. While everything’s protected once more, move onto the following level and head to the following crisis.

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