Gas Station Parking Game

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Gas Station Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive the car or keys W A S D and the SPACEBAR to brake.

You’ve recently pulled into the corner store to get a few snacks, yet the parking area is packed and jumbled. In Corner store Stopping you have to get stopped in the space demonstrated by the rectangle. You have a period breaking point and a most extreme measure of harm your auto can deal with. On the off chance that you use up time or crash too often, you lose the level, so watch out for meshes, gas pumps and different autos without being excessively abate. Be cautious of oil slicks as well. In the event that you roll over some oil, which may be vital, your call will be more hard to control. When you beat a level you are surrendered a score of to three dribbles of oil, and the following level is opened.

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