Glamour Parking Game

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Glamour Parking
    Use the arrow keys on the keyboard and the spacebar to brake.

You appear for function as a valet specialist at an extravagant lodging to discover you’re the main orderly living up to expectations today. You need to stop clients’ autos additional quick, however despite everything you must be mindful so as not to harm them. In Marvelousness Stopping your objective is to stop the greatest number of autos as you can before time runs out. At the point when an auto pulls up to the parking area, you have to explore around the parcel and park it in the showed space. Do this without crashing;if you have a solitary mishap, the amusement is over. Every time you stop an auto you get five seconds added to your accessible time. Stop quick to postpone the clock from running down to zero. At the point when your amusement is over, add your name to the high scores list.

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