Ice Rink Parking Game

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Ice Rink Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Complete all the tasks and park your car in the indicate space. Don't incur too much damage or run out of time.

Don’t child your red games auto by crawling down private streets and keeping it secured up your carport. Take it for a twist on the ice and check whether you can finish different difficulties as you slide around. Begin every level by investigating you rundown of objectives in the upper left-hand corner. After you finish errands, for example, rolling over flimsy ice, gathering cash and towing different vehicles, the last errand will be to stop your auto in the showed space. As you drive around, recollect the clock is ticking down and make an effort not to crash. To proceed onward to the following level, finish all the objectives before time runs out and without totaling your auto.

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