Jail Break Mania Game

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Jail Break Mania
    Use the arrow keys to drive, space to brake, and enter or X to get in the car.

Now is the right time for this present inmate’s tune to get somewhat more bright on the grounds that he at last got his enormous break. In Escape Madness, you play a detainee who has gotten away from the dividers of the correctional facility. Your objective is to get to an auto and escape from town before you’re gotten and bolted up once more. Begin every level by rushing to the auto demonstrated by the green bolt. Get in and drive to the green circle to leave the city. Watch out for autos in your way. The clock is ticking down, and in the event that you crash and make an excess of commotion, you will lose time. Exit the city before time runs out or you’ll be back in cuffs.

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