Just Park It 2 Game

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Just Park It 2
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Follow the arrows to indicated parking spaces and park your semi-truck. Try to avoid collisions.

A 18-wheeler is difficult to control regardless of the possibility that you’re simply stopping it. In Simply Stop It 2, you get more opportunities to perceive how well you can drive and park a semi-truck and trailer. Begin the diversion with 220 life focuses, and perceive what number of you can hold while you search out assigned parking spots and attempt to facilitate some way or another into them. To discover a parking spot, take after the bolts out and about. Once you’re there, get your truck inside the yellow rectangle. After you stop in one space, take after the shafts to the following and attempt it once more. In Simply Stop It 2, there are 15 parking spots to draw into so you can demonstrate your stopping aptitudes.

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