Just Park It 4 Game

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Just Park It 4
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Park in all the spaces without crashing too much or running out of time.

In Simply Stop It 4, commute and park some way or another through five levels and fifteen parking spots. Begin with a straightforward stopping move by driving around the twist and pulling your 18-wheeler straight into the first spot. At that point show you’re a professional at huge apparatus stopping by meeting expectations you path through more troublesome difficulties. As you drive, do whatever it takes not to collide with impediments. Every time you crash you lose life focuses, and in the event that you run out, you need to restart. Since a semi-truck and trailer can get really tangled up, you can reset the level on the off chance that you get stuck. The clock is running, so when you win, you can perceive how quick you are and attempt to beat your time.

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