Just Park It 5 Game

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Just Park It 5
    Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to brake. Follow the arrows to each indicated parking space and park your truck. Try not to crash into too many obstacles.

Following a monotonous day of driving our semi the nation over, you may be prepared to simply stop it as of now and take a merited break. Shockingly, space is constrained and stopping your truck is simpler said than done. In Simply Stop It 5, demonstrate your huge apparatus who’s manager by moving it into 10 levels of parking spots. Begin by taking after the shafts to the initially showed parking spot and getting your truck situated inside the lines. Once you’re impeccably stopped, the bolts will lead you to your next stopping test. As you stop, do whatever it takes not to crush your truck or alternate autos around you. To win, stop in all the showed spaces without smashing too often.

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