LL City Parking Game

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LL City Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive your car. Park in the available space as accurately as you can before time runs out. Try to avoid crashing into obstacles.

Demonstrate you’re an expert in the driver’s seat or look over your stopping abilities by meeting expectations some way or another through every level of LL City Stopping. In every level, you’re pulling your auto into a cramped parking area. One and only space is left, and that is your destination. It might be harder to get to than you might suspect due to all the autos and boundaries in your direction. In the event that you crash excessively on some way or another there, you need to replay the level. When you get to the parking spot, attempt to stop impeccably by viewing the rate on the screen and changing your auto. Win a high score by stopping with 100% precision before time runs out.

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