London Bus Game

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London Bus
    Use the arrow keys to move the bus and the Spacebar to brake.

Take yourself on an all-costs paid voyage through the clamoring city of London by marking on as the driver of a twofold decker transport. Your objective in every level of London Transport is to get your transport securely to the following transport stop and stop in the highlighted region so the travelers can exit or board. The drivers of different vehicles out and about are going quick and don’t appear to trepidation a crash, yet as a transport driver, you need to practice guarding driving. In the event that you crash whatsoever, you lose the level. Recollect that, you’re in London;make beyond any doubt you’re driving on the right half of the street. Verify you alternate decent and moderate. On the off chance that you go excessively quick around a turn, travelers will fly out of the transport. What amount of London would you be able to see without smashing?

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