London Cabbie Game

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London Cabbie
    Use the arrow keys to drive, brake hard using the Spacebar, the key H is for the horn and to get out is CTRL.

The bloaks in London have spots to go, and when they require a taxi, you’re driving. Force up outside the foundation to get the client and take him to his destination. A territory will be highlighted to show where you have to stop. Crush your auto into the tight space deliberately and watch out for hindrances, for example, activity cones, canines and different autos. Your clients are in a rush, so don’t take excessively long. In the event that you crash and harm the auto, kill an adorable puppy or use up time, you lose the level and need to attempt once more. Simply take after the bolts which will indicate your parking space and demonstrate to you which approach to go. Recall that, you’re in London;make beyond any doubt you’re driving on the right half of the street.

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