Long Vehicle Parking Game

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Long Vehicle Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive, CONTROL to lift and put down the car and SPACE to brake.

You don’t simply drive vehicles, you transport them on your truck, and you’re accountable for each venture along the way. You’ll need to drive and park your enormous apparatus various times, and you get to drive the forklift as well. When you get the semi-truck and trailer stopped nearby a vehicle that needs transported, you change to the forklift. Drive the forklift and utilization it to get the autos and put them on the over of the truck, then stop the forklift. Verify the autos are straight and completely on the truck or you won’t be permitted to drive off with them. Drive precisely. On the off chance that you cause a lot of harm to the truck or different vehicles, you lose the diversion. A clock is staying informed regarding your speed;see how quick you can beat every level.

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