Mad Parking Game

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Mad Parking
    Use the arrow keys and spacebar to play this game

How often would you be able to stop without using up time? In the wake of picking your auto, you begin Frantic Stopping with 300 seconds and a guide. Take a gander at your guide to see where you are and where you have to go to stop. When you’ve stopped in the shown area, you’ll be given another destination, yet time is as yet numbering down. Watch out for explosive and rate breakers, sparkling blue rectangles, in light of the fact that in the event that you hit one your time will diminish, and be watchful for stopwatches to gain additional time. These are additionally indicated on your guide. As you stop, you’ll rise into larger amounts and the scene will change. Some of them will oblige you to gather keys. Check whether you’ve beat your high score when time runs out.

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