Office Desk Car Parking Game

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Office Desk Car Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive over the desktop and around the obstacles. Park in the space at the end of the course without crashing and before time runs out.

When you’ve got a little downtime at the workplace, get out your toy auto and perceive how well you can direct it through a desktop driving course and park it in the showed territory. In every level, commute around advanced cells, post-it notes, plants and different impediments. Get coins along the course to expand your score. At that point stop in the assigned space toward the end of the course. Drive quick to such a degree as to finish before time runs out that is checking down, however don’t be excessively heedless. On the off chance that you even find anything, you need to attempt the level once more. Get stopped before the time is done to open the following level and continue killing time at work.

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