Paparazzi Parking Game

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Paparazzi Parking
    Use the arrow keys to drive and B to brake. Press CTRL to take a picture. Park in the indicated spaces and take pictures of stars before time runs out.

As an individual from the paparazzi, you generally must be prepared to take that picture that may make it to the front page. You can’t securely work your cam while you’re driving, so hustle just a bit and get stopped in the demonstrated space. At that point get that photograph while the star drives by. You’ll have to turn in more than one shot so the paper has a few choices. So after you’ve gotten your flashed your first shot, stop in another spot and get an alternate picture. At that point drive off to go offer your photographs. Around here, you won’t profit in case you’re not fast. Get the shots before time runs out so as to beat the every level.

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