Park A Lot Game

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Park A Lot
    To play, use the arrow keys to direct the car or walking. BACKSPACE is to get out of the car and SPACE is to stop.

You simply landed another position as a valet orderly for a club. The autos are coming in quick, and you need to stop each in the space demonstrated by its holder. At the point when the manager returns out of the club, he’ll let you know which space his auto is in, and you need to return it to him. You have to stop and give back all the autos before time is dependent upon proceed onward in the diversion. On the off chance that you crash an auto or the line of individuals holding up to get into the parking garage gets excessively long, you lose time, yet you pick up time every time you give back an auto. In the event that you get adhered and need to abandon an auto, drag the snare over to have it expelled from the parcel so you can proceed with the level.

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