Park Master 2 Game

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Park Master 2
    Use the arrow keys to drive the car.

Bounce into a pimped up ride in the shading of your decision. Presently attempt to stop it in the assigned spot without pulverizing it. You begin every level in a parking area brimming with deterrents, for example, blockades, trees, individuals and different autos which are regularly inadequately stopped. As you explore around the obstructions searching for your parking spot you can gain cash by getting fortune midsections or lose it by smashing. Every level has a period limit, and your auto can just withstand so much harm. In the event that you use up time or crash too often, you’ll need to begin the level once again. In the event that you lose a level too often, you lose the amusement. Get every one of the four wheels into your parking space on time and you gain cash and proceed onward to the following level.

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