Park My Big Rig 2 Game

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Park My Big Rig 2
    Use WASD on the keyboard or the arrow keys to control the truck

Attempt your hand — or simply your fingers — in the driver’s seat of a few diverse enormous trucks. In Stop My Huge Apparatus 2 you get to drive development vehicles, beast trucks, crisis vehicles — anything enormous. In every level you need to get your truck to the showed space and stop conveniently inside it. You’re in a parking area jumbled with pillars, activity cones and different risks. Be cautious, yet don’t take excessively long either on the grounds that you have a period limit. On the off chance that you crash or use up time, you lose an existence and need to restart the level. On the off chance that you lose five lives, the diversion is over. Don’t worry;you gain back one life every time you beat five levels. Demonstrate you were made for driving enormous apparatuses and get a high score by beating the levels quick and without

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