Park My Convertible Game

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Park My Convertible
    Use the arrow keys to control the car

Take a twist in a smooth, red convertible. Steer it around wanders aimlessly in every level of Park My Convertible as you attempt to achieve the glimmering parking spot. Watch out for park seats, autos and different deterrents. Your auto is in mint condition, and you wouldn’t have any desire to scratch it on this joyride. In the event that you crash your auto, you lose an existence and need to replay the level. Lose every one of the ten lives and the diversion is over. Get to the end of your drive and park your auto flawlessly inside the rectangle. The better you stop your auto, the better score you will get. When you ace a level you are given a code so that when you return to play again you can begin where you cleared out off or in your most loved level.

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