Park My Emergency Vehicles Game

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Park My Emergency Vehicles
    Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive. Follow the arrows on the road to the destination and park in the indicated space without wrecking your vehicle.

Implement the law, spare lives, put out flames and tow autos. In Stop My Crisis Vehicles, you get to put on the city’s most critical caps — and race around for the sake of entertainment vehicles with lights and sirens. In every level, you have an alternate objective. Begin by giving out stopping tickets and blocking convergences, and soon you’ll be racing to the doctor’s facility and driving a blaze truck around evening time. As you drive, recollect that you’re at work and don’t drive rashly. Every time you crash, you lose an existence and need to retry the level. Finish every level by stopping in the demonstrated space. Perceive what number of levels you can pummel and rack focuses as you serve your ci

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