Park My Plane 2 Game

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Park My Plane 2
    Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive the plane. Press X or click on the plane to take control of it. Park planes in the correct spaces and get them to the take off zone without crashing or running out

From when a plane hits the ground until its going to lift off, you’re accountable for the wellbeing of the travelers on prepare to leave. You begin at a group airplane terminal, yet you’ll get to work at different areas, for example, an air base, once you’ve increased some experience. When a plane terrains, take control of it and drive it to the stopping region. Pull it into the right parking spot with the shading speck that matches the one behind the plane. At the point when the plane’s prepared to take off once more, plunge it to the take off zone. Win more cash by recovering all planes securely stopped and into the air with time left on the clock.

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