Park My Plane Game

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Park My Plane
    Click the mouse to take control and use the arrow keys to control its direction.

From arriving to take off, you are accountable for all the planes at this global airplane terminal. Start every level by picking your trouble regarding what number of focuses you need to acquire to win. At that point take control of every plane as it grounds. Click it and drive it over to the parking spot with the coordinating nation banner and let it fuel up while you get the following plane. At the point when a plane completes the process of filling up, its lights will streak. Haul it out of the parking spot and drive it over to the take off zone. Be watchful while you’re driving the planes, and don’t be excessively abate. On the off chance that a plane accidents, you lose an existence. Lose three lives and the diversion is over. After you beat the amusement, pick more troublesome levels and play once more.

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