Park My Truck Game

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Park My Truck
    Use the arrow keys to accelerate and steer your truck. Click on the Nitro button for a boost before a trick. Smash smaller cars and park your truck without wrecking it.

Accuracy driving, touchy obliteration and swarm satisfying traps are joined in this fun creature truck stopping amusement. In every level, find some way or another to the parking spot by taking after the way. On the way, pound any autos in your way and watch them blast. Don’t run into any semis or obstructions, and watch out for oil slicks. You need to cause harm, not bring about it. To beat every level, get your truck stopped legitimately in the demonstrated space without destroying your own particular vehicle. Hit the Nitro catch to do chill traps and show. At that point look at your score and move onto the following level.

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