Park Them All Game

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Park Them All
    Use the arrow keys to drive the car. Use the space to park the car.

In Park All of them you get an opportunity to drive and park distinctive autos, every taking care of a little in an unexpected way. You begin every level in a parking garage with one or more autos for you to stop. Choose which auto you have to stop in the first place, to get it off the beaten path of alternate autos you’ll need to drive to their spots, and park it in the demonstrated spot. Verify the auto is confronting the right way, and watch your evaluation as you stop to check whether you have to alter the auto for a superior score. You have a period utmost to finish the level, and you are just permitted to cause such a great amount of harm to the autos without losing. Toward the end of the level you are given a report card to review your stopping abilities.

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