Park Your Ride Vegas Game

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Park Your Ride Vegas
    Use the arrows keys to move the car and head to the marked space.

You are attempting to acquire your valet permit with a specific end goal to land a position at Drive’s Valet Stopping. In every level of Park Your Ride Vegas you are given an alternate test of your driving and stopping abilities. You will be solicited to stop a number from autos in distinctive spaces in the wake of exploring around snags. You are permitted a couple of accidents, however cause to much harm and you fall flat the test. So as to work at Drive’s Valet Stopping you must be a rapid specialist, so you additionally have a period limit for your test. In every level the time ticks down as you go, however you are allowed somewhat more time when you proceed onward to another auto. Beat all the levels to breeze through your test valet permit test and land the position.

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