Parker Game

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    Use the UP / DOWN ARROW keys to accelerate and reverse. Use the LEFT / RIGHT ARROW keys to turn the front wheels left and right.

You’ve quite recently been out for a delight drive in your souped-up games auto, however now is the right time to get your child securely stopped. Spaces are constrained in this local location, so you need to draw your auto into the demonstrated space, making a point to face it the right course. To make things more troublesome there is a period limit for every level, and remember that this is an auto you truly wouldn’t have any desire to scratch or imprint. In the event that you use up time or accident you lose the level. You get three tries to pass every level, and on the off chance that you fizzle a fourth time you lose the diversion. When you beat a level you’re demonstrated your time and given a score before you proceed onward to ace the following situation.

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