Parking – Battle of the Sexes Game

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Parking – Battle of the Sexes
    Z is to start the engine and the arrow keys to control the car

Who are the better in the driver’s seat — men or ladies? That question is at last being replied in Stopping — Skirmish of the Genders. In this amusement you will join the men group or the ladies group and demonstrate your stopping aptitudes by endeavoring a progression of stopping difficulties. In every level you’re in a gathered parking area, and you need to explore to the demonstrated parking spot. Move your vehicle around autos and different hindrances and draw conveniently into the space. The clock is ticking, so attempt to stop rapidly without slamming. Acquire a score taking into account how well you stopped, your time, and how often you slammed. Your score will be added to your group’s aggregate score. In case you’re simply learning, join the group of the inverse sex;then switch to your own particular sex once you’re a

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