Parking Frenzy: Storm Game

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Parking Frenzy: Storm
    Use the arrow keys to steer your car, and use the space bar to stop. Drive through the storm and park before time runs out and without wrecking your car.

Downpour is pouring down and lightning is blazing, however despite everything you have places you have to go. In this rendition of Stopping Furor, clouded vision and wet streets make it more hard to weave through movement and find some way or another to your destination. After a couple of levels of preparing, you’ll be set detached in the city. A shaft will point you in the general course of your destination. As you discover some way or another there, watch out for activity and different hindrances. Pull into the showed parking space without totaling your auto or using up time. Impeccable driving will gain you three stars. The more stars you procure, the more levels you open.

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